OXD has been developed with you in mind, taking into account your well-being and your care, yet also conceived to cover your keenness to overcome challenges, your ambitions and your motivations. We are your ally brand, encouraging you to continue and never give up, while in turn safeguarding you to keep injuries at a minimum and reduce all obstacles that could appear in your path. Our goal: that your results will only depend on you.

Dynamic and under constant evolution

At OXD we are always under constant evolution, open to your needs and to the trends of the sports industry. Overcoming and motivation not only depend on you, as at OXD we integrate these concepts and also make them our own: research, improvement and constant launching of new products.

Integration and referent in sports medicine

With the sports massage creams and gels as the starting point, we have developed a wide range of products for the care of the athlete’s muscles and skin prior to, during and after physical exercise. However, at OXD we not only offer solutions with our products, but we also complete our offer in sports medicine with our specialized online OXDshop.

Fruit of knowledge and experience

OXD saw the light as the result of the knowledge and experience acquired in the fields of medicine and physiotherapy by the corporate Telic Group and it has become a brand that is aimed at you, at you the athlete that wants to wager on products that have been developed by and for professionals in their daily care. The quality of OXD products is endorsed by the Telic Group seal of guarantee and by our results that have been contrasted by numerous athletes and physiotherapists that already trust in the brand.

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